Vendor Spotlight: James Dunn



       This July, we had the pleasure of working with James at the Shangri La Hotel in Santa Monica.  James has an incredibly unique and funky style and kept the guests dancing all night long!  Here is a bit more about this fabulous vendor.  We HIGHLY recommend him!  


Name: Malkovich.

Where are you from?: L.A. since 1992. Europe and the Middle East before then. 

What do you do?: I dj Thursday nights at Bamboo Restaurant (10835 Venice) and Friday nights at Saints & Sinners down the block from there (10899 Venice), both in the west LA neighborhood of Palms that I live in, which you can read all about at my neighborhood news blog

Why do you do what you do?: Because I got tired of listening to music I didn’t like at bars. Because I got tired of paying for my drinks. Because I got tired of driving home from Hollywood on weekends. Now I play music I like in a neighborhood bar and get paid for it. 

Where can you be found in your free time?: Bamboo Restaurant on Thursday nights and Saints & Sinners on Friday nights! DJing IS my free time. I’m a busy man. 

Favorite LA restaurant: right now I’m thinking about The Lobster in Santa Monica. 

Most beautiful/inspiring place you’ve ever been: Istanbul, or the Dominican Republic. And I’m sure I’m forgetting a few places. 

Favorite book/movie?: My favorite book right now is End Of The Affair By Graham Greene and my favorite movie will probably always be Carlito’s Way. 

What’s on your playlist right now?: The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Genius stuff. Also just got done with a week-long obsession with ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”. Do I sound lame yet? 

How would you describe your style and/or the style of your services?: Left to my own devices, I’ll ping-pong between hiphop, funk, soul, oldies, world, 80s and rock n roll all night. But I can easily spend all night on one. Whatever works. 

Describe one of your favorite events you’ve worked: Saints & Sinners on Friday nights is where I make the most sense. Diverse crowd with diverse tastes, some people wanna dance and some people just wanna vibe. 

What advice would you give to clients seeking DJ services?: Make sure you check the DJ out in action before you decide. Think hard about what your crowd wants to hear, and just as importantly, what you want to hear. Ultimately you’re paying for the dj and the event, so don’t be afraid to go for a sound that might be a bit bold. Your guests will normally warm up to it.
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GATHER is dedicated to the resourceful creation and production of purposeful events inspired by a shared vision. Our company was born from a mutual passion for bringing people together. In short, we LOVE parties!
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