Vendor Spotlight! The Social Type

           For this week’s vendor spotlight, we are so excited to bring you two wonderful women who have joined forces to create beautiful, innovative and stylish greeting cards!  Allison Brennan and Jessica Tree of The Social Type are based out of LA and San Fransisco, but happily execute collaborations nation wide.

Name: The Social Type

Where are you from?: Sunny California

What do you do?: Letterpress and foil stamped fine stationary goods

Where can you be found in your free time?:  Sitting outside on a beautiful day enjoying a glass of bubbly!

Favorite restaurant/food: LA Mill in LA and Cafè Barbette in Minneapolis

Most beautiful/inspiring place you’ve ever been: Paris

Favorite book/movie: Movie – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ( the original), Book – I Like You: Hospitality Under the influence by Amy Sedaris, we also ransack newsstands for all the best magazines, art, design, fashion and dècor.

What’s on your playlist right now?: Florence and the Machine

How would you describe your style?: Sophisticated yet lighthearted with an emphasis on understated type.  We design for the social type!

Tell us a little about your new Salutations line on Etsy:  We really wanted to print both letterpress and foil together.  We love the beauty of letterpress and really wanted the design to take over the entire card.  We ended up printing two-color letterpress with silver and gold foil, the cards really turned out lovely.  This is just the beginning of our greeting card line.  Stay tuned for much more!  The Social Type’s Baby Congratulations Cards were recently featured on Paper Crave.

What advice would you give to clients seeking printing services?: Don’t be intimidated by pricier printing options like letterpress. There are alternatives to significantly cut down costs if you don’t think you can afford it. For brides we suggest printing one color letterpress invitations and minimize the need for additional cards with a cute website it’s a great place to add wedding weekend details.

What inspires you?: Inspiration is all around, you never know what is going to spark an idea. We stumbled upon a cotton candy stand photo on Pinterest and it quickly became the inspiration behind one of our cards.  We also LOVE the commercial for Dior Cherie directed by Sophia Coppola. We decided the girl flying with the balloons is the epitome of “The Social Type”, she’s care-free and has her party dress on! If you can’t find inspiration from books or blogs, then it’s time to go on a vacation.

 Business contact info:

About gatherevents

GATHER is dedicated to the resourceful creation and production of purposeful events inspired by a shared vision. Our company was born from a mutual passion for bringing people together. In short, we LOVE parties!
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