Style File: InStyle’s Hollywood Makeover Tool

A recent search for a new Fall ‘do led me through the latest fashion magazines and all over the web, Google imaging celebs who have the best styles in the biz. After rifling through countless pics, I was only slightly more sure of which direction I wanted to take, but was uncertain of how the style would look on me. I stopped cold in my tracks when I came upon Now we all know that InStyle is every girl’s fashion, beauty and all around style mecca. But their team has outdone itself this time with the Hollywood Makeover tool.

Many of us have tried these hairstyle simulators before, with mostly laughable results. Seriously, I remember rolling on the floor as my friends and I would upload our photos and try on hairstyles that looked ridiculous on us. But InStyle’s tool is different because it’s super precise and lets you morph each hairstyle to the correct proportions of your head. You can even alter the color of each style. PLUS, it offers makeup simulation! Haven’t you ever sat watching an award show and wondered if you could pull off the look that Demi was donning? Well stop wondering, sweetheart, because now you can virtually transform yourself, from the neck up at least, into your favorite celebrity! There is even a Lady Gaga simulator. Now just because you can steal her look, doesn’t mean you should.

Brides-to-be, they have a wedding hair section too. Give it a try! I guarantee you’ll get hooked on this tool! Happy styling!

Robin borrows ‘dos from (clockwise, from top left): Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Carey Mulligan and Carrie Underwood.


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