Vendor Spotlight! The Social Type

           For this week’s vendor spotlight, we are so excited to bring you two wonderful women who have joined forces to create beautiful, innovative and stylish greeting cards!  Allison Brennan and Jessica Tree of The Social Type are based out of LA and San Fransisco, but happily execute collaborations nation wide.

Name: The Social Type

Where are you from?: Sunny California

What do you do?: Letterpress and foil stamped fine stationary goods

Where can you be found in your free time?:  Sitting outside on a beautiful day enjoying a glass of bubbly!

Favorite restaurant/food: LA Mill in LA and Cafè Barbette in Minneapolis

Most beautiful/inspiring place you’ve ever been: Paris

Favorite book/movie: Movie – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ( the original), Book – I Like You: Hospitality Under the influence by Amy Sedaris, we also ransack newsstands for all the best magazines, art, design, fashion and dècor.

What’s on your playlist right now?: Florence and the Machine

How would you describe your style?: Sophisticated yet lighthearted with an emphasis on understated type.  We design for the social type!

Tell us a little about your new Salutations line on Etsy:  We really wanted to print both letterpress and foil together.  We love the beauty of letterpress and really wanted the design to take over the entire card.  We ended up printing two-color letterpress with silver and gold foil, the cards really turned out lovely.  This is just the beginning of our greeting card line.  Stay tuned for much more!  The Social Type’s Baby Congratulations Cards were recently featured on Paper Crave.

What advice would you give to clients seeking printing services?: Don’t be intimidated by pricier printing options like letterpress. There are alternatives to significantly cut down costs if you don’t think you can afford it. For brides we suggest printing one color letterpress invitations and minimize the need for additional cards with a cute website it’s a great place to add wedding weekend details.

What inspires you?: Inspiration is all around, you never know what is going to spark an idea. We stumbled upon a cotton candy stand photo on Pinterest and it quickly became the inspiration behind one of our cards.  We also LOVE the commercial for Dior Cherie directed by Sophia Coppola. We decided the girl flying with the balloons is the epitome of “The Social Type”, she’s care-free and has her party dress on! If you can’t find inspiration from books or blogs, then it’s time to go on a vacation.

 Business contact info:

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Jockamo fee nané

My grandma and your grandma sittin’ by the fire…

NOLA has been on the brain a lot lately. Perhaps it’s because this month five years ago that nasty hurricane hit. Maybe it’s that I’m going through Treme withdrawal. Or perhaps my psyche is telling me it’s time to pay another visit to the amazingly magical place where the people, food, music and tradition left such an indelible impression on me. So when our friend enlisted us for New Orleans-themed party ideas, the excitement and ideas came quickly. We dedicate this Friday Inspiration board to the big, beautiful Crescent City. May it always shine brightly.

Talkin’ ’bout hey now, hey now, iko iko unday….

Photos via Style Me PrettyLiz BanfieldHolland Photo ArtsElle JaeJose Villa PhotographyZoeica ImagesBeth Helmstetter Events

All other photos: BonnyboyDavid Paul OwmerBurlesqueBoutique via EtsyTart RestaurantNola.comAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles

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We love good friends and good food!

To honor one of our best friends, we decided to produce an intimate backyard birthday dinner party! Luckily, the weather cooperated (a minor miracle with this year’s weird summer gloom) and all of our friends pitched in to make the night a smashing success.  Bringing people together to celebrate and experience life is what we love about producing events and it was so special to be able to create this evening for the birthday girl, Miss Nettie Rose!

Setting up:

The finished product:

Decor and Production: Gather Events
Carrot Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop
Peanut Butter S’muffins: Gotta Have S’more
Pecan Brittle: Pop Candy
Chiavari Chairs: Elegant Chiavari Chair Rentals
Tabletop Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Catering: Thomas Brown
Photography: Michael Nemcik
Floral Arrangements: MaryAnn Nevers

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Ode to Paper Flags

   We’ve been totally obsessing over paper flags lately!  They are so whimsical and add such great detail to any event or gathering. 

      There are so many ways to incorporate this great decoration into whatever it is you are planning, and there are so many great vendors!  Ay Mujer! does fabulous custom paper picado through Etsy (one of our FAVORITE places to get inspiration).

         Hmmmm…… Halloween is just around the corner.  We may have to make this vision come to life!

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Upside Down You Turn Me…

It seems like everywhere we’ve looked in the past week, we’ve seen examples of design that’s been turned on its head…literally….and we like it! Whether for a wedding reception table feature, a candy store display or a bar/lounge fixture, these examples show that upside down design has a place anywhere. It’s gutsy, but if done the right way, can be so chic and innovative. What do you think?

Photos: Our Labor Of Love; Dewey’s Candy Shop; SBar

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Vendor Spotlight: James Dunn



       This July, we had the pleasure of working with James at the Shangri La Hotel in Santa Monica.  James has an incredibly unique and funky style and kept the guests dancing all night long!  Here is a bit more about this fabulous vendor.  We HIGHLY recommend him!  


Name: Malkovich.

Where are you from?: L.A. since 1992. Europe and the Middle East before then. 

What do you do?: I dj Thursday nights at Bamboo Restaurant (10835 Venice) and Friday nights at Saints & Sinners down the block from there (10899 Venice), both in the west LA neighborhood of Palms that I live in, which you can read all about at my neighborhood news blog

Why do you do what you do?: Because I got tired of listening to music I didn’t like at bars. Because I got tired of paying for my drinks. Because I got tired of driving home from Hollywood on weekends. Now I play music I like in a neighborhood bar and get paid for it. 

Where can you be found in your free time?: Bamboo Restaurant on Thursday nights and Saints & Sinners on Friday nights! DJing IS my free time. I’m a busy man. 

Favorite LA restaurant: right now I’m thinking about The Lobster in Santa Monica. 

Most beautiful/inspiring place you’ve ever been: Istanbul, or the Dominican Republic. And I’m sure I’m forgetting a few places. 

Favorite book/movie?: My favorite book right now is End Of The Affair By Graham Greene and my favorite movie will probably always be Carlito’s Way. 

What’s on your playlist right now?: The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Genius stuff. Also just got done with a week-long obsession with ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”. Do I sound lame yet? 

How would you describe your style and/or the style of your services?: Left to my own devices, I’ll ping-pong between hiphop, funk, soul, oldies, world, 80s and rock n roll all night. But I can easily spend all night on one. Whatever works. 

Describe one of your favorite events you’ve worked: Saints & Sinners on Friday nights is where I make the most sense. Diverse crowd with diverse tastes, some people wanna dance and some people just wanna vibe. 

What advice would you give to clients seeking DJ services?: Make sure you check the DJ out in action before you decide. Think hard about what your crowd wants to hear, and just as importantly, what you want to hear. Ultimately you’re paying for the dj and the event, so don’t be afraid to go for a sound that might be a bit bold. Your guests will normally warm up to it.
Business contact info:
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Holy #*^$! We’re blogging!

          After way too many trials and tribulations, GATHER Events has finally entered the blogosphere!  We are so excited to have our business taking off down here in Southern California and can’t wait to share our adventures with all of you.  The innovation and creativity we’ve encountered in the events industry inspires us endlessly and we hope you will get as much out of it as we do!

          Cheers to an artful new day!

                    Sarah and Robin

                    GATHER Events


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